All testing items can be provided with a whole set of testing schemes
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Comprehensive testing range of advanced testing equipment

      In June the company was founded in 2017, is located Yu Taishan national high-tech development zone, at the foot of mount tai science and technology industry park, the project as a key project of taian, registered capital of 80 million, a total investment of 140 million yuan, mainly at home and abroad to create a first-class comprehensive detection technology, the most accurate and fast service platform. The project is divided into three phases of construction, with an investment of 32 million yuan in the first phase of the project, mainly involving food, agricultural products and environmental inspection and testing that are closely related to the people.
       ISO17025 international standards in strict accordance with the requirements of the laboratory setup, the experimental area of 4800 square, the project's first phase, the company is mainly of choose and buy is the global leader in the field of scientific services

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Selected sophisticated equipment from the world's leading science services company
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