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       Because the food safety testing is more and more attention, and the food additive is an important ingredient in food, so the safety of food additives are also brought to the attention of the more and more widely. With the development of food industry, food preservatives have become an indispensable substance in processed food. At the same time, the safety of food preservatives has become a hot issue in the society concerned by the public. The modern society requires effective, convenient and fast detection methods, with high sensitivity and good reproducibility.

       1. Food additive testing:

       Food inspection is rich in contents, including food nutrition composition analysis, food contamination analysis, food auxiliary materials and food additives analysis, food sensory identification, etc.
       Food inspection, often referred to as a food inspection institution on the basis of the food hygiene law of the People's Republic of China regulations of health standards, and inspection of food quality by, including the inner and outer packing of food, mark, mark and commodity appearance characteristics, physical and chemical indicators and other health indicators of inspection.
      2. Food additive testing is a major problem related to human health, so it is necessary to carry out safety testing before food is marketed.
      3. Major food additives include:
      Food additives, sweeteners, preservatives and antioxidants, bleach, colorants, thickening agent, emulsifier, organic acid, acidity regulator, anticaking agent, defoaming agent, antioxidant, bleach, raising agent, stabilizer.color-protecting, seasoning and flour treatment agent, furthermore, water retention agent, nutrition enhancer, anti-corrosive antistaling agent, stabilizing agent, curing agent, sweeteners, etc.


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