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Inspection of aquatic products and products

  Under the trend of steady rise of the national quality of aquatic products, there are still many current aquatic products quality and safety hidden trouble, especially in the international trade of aquatic products market, still faces the quality and safety of the huge pressure of instability. In order to meet the increasing requirements of food safety and quality, enterprises must ensure the safety of production and supply chain, and carry out effective control.

  Testing items and standards for aquatic products and products

  (the following water product testing items are listed only in part. For details, please call our service hotline :)

  GB/T 16145-1995 radioactive residue detection

  Caesium 134, cerium 144, iodine 125, iodine 131, iodine 129, uranium 235, radium 226, thorium 232, caesium 137, cerium 141, ruthenium 103, ruthenium 106
  GB 2733-2005 hygienic standard for fresh and frozen animal aquatic products

  Inorganic arsenic, lead, cadmium, methyl mercury, volatile salt-base nitrogen

  GB 10136-2005 hygienic standard for pickle and raw food animal aquatic products

  Hayes bacteria, salmonella, inorganic arsenic, coliforms, staphylococcus aureus, parasites, methyl mercury, deputy hemolytic vibrio, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBS), volatile base nitrogen, total number of colonies, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBS) (PCB138), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBS) (PCB153)
  GB 10132-2005 hygienic standard for minced fish products

  Hayes bacteria, salmonella, inorganic arsenic, coliform group, lead, phosphate, staphylococcus aureus, cadmium, methyl mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBS), the total number of colonies, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBS) (PCB138), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBS) (PCB153)

  GB 10138-2005 hygienic standard for salted fish

  Acid value (in terms of fat), inorganic arsenic, lead, peroxide value (in terms of fat), cadmium, methyl mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB138), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB153)

  SOP-SC-002 (lc-ms /MS)

  Methoxyl benzylamine pyrimidine (trimethoprim), sulfanilamide benzene pyrazole, sulfanilamide pyridine, sulfathiazole, sulfacetamide, sulfanilamide of methoxyl pyrimidine (sp - 5 - methyl oxygen pyrimidine), sulfanilamide dimethyl pyrimidine, sulfanilamide dimethyl oxygen pyrimidine, sulfamethoxazole, sulfanilamide methyl pyridine, sulfanilamide armour thiamethoxam 1, oxygen, sulfanilamide, sulfaguanidine, sulfanilamide 2 methyl isopropyl pyrimidine, benzoyl sulfanilamide, ogilvy spring, sulfanilamide dimethyl azole, sulfanilamide, sulfanilamide armour oxygen pyrimidine (sp - 6 - a oxygen pyrimidine), sulfanilamide sinensis chlorine evil sulfanilamide, pyridazine, sulfadiazine, sulfanilamide different oxazole, sulfanilamide dimethyl oxygen pyrimidine

  Quinolones residue detection ministry of agriculture no. 1077 -1-2008

  In accordance with the division, the effect of sand, the effect of ofloxacin, norfloxacin and fluorine (aka darrow, darrow characters of sand), maintain, fluorine of sand culture, ciprofloxacin, and grace of sand, the ratio of sand, double effect of fluoride, salad, evil characters and main acid, flumequine, two fluorine effect, single effect, fluorine Rosa star

  Tetracycline testing department of agriculture circular no. 235 SOP- sc-017 (lc-ms /MS)

  Doxycycline, tetracycline, doxycycline, aureomycin

  GB 14939-2005 hygienic standard for canned fish

  Zinc, inorganic arsenic, lead, cadmium, methyl mercury, tin, PCB138, PCB153


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