Strategic planning

       1、Shandong anpu detection technology co., LTD. Relies on the establishment of big data center of food and agricultural products by shandong agricultural university, a key university in the province, to establish a big data service platform of great health and quality safety. Based on the platform of inspection and testing, the company integrates the advantages of expert consultants and scientific research resources to build a new industry with comprehensive improvement of quality. Efforts to strengthen in taian of shandong, shandong and even the national service level and ability, strive to become a comprehensive scientific research platform research and development, and form a complete set of taian industry and global companies around the openness of the public service platform.
       2、Shandong Ann spectrum detection technology co., LTD., as an open platform for third party inspection testing services, actively response to the old and new kinetic energy conversion, strive to become China's manufacturing enterprises and the center of the third party testing laboratory, secondary cities laboratory.
       3、As testing company, we always in line with the attitude of benefiting the people development, closely integrated with the government actively response services three rural policy, take advantage of our detection to improve the quality of the farmers' living and production, with large data to replace the traditional way of agricultural development, green development road.
       4、As innovation-driven strategy, promote the effective carrier of high-level manufacture-learning-research cooperation, we cooperate with each college of outstanding experts to establish academician workstation, gradually build excellent testing team, to better serve three agriculture policy.

Strategy planning
       Looking forward to the future, the company will take inspection and testing as the platform, integrate advantages of expert consultants and scientific research resources, and build the following service platforms:

       Revitalize the rural development strategy service platform
       New and old kinetic energy conversion technology service platform
       School-enterprise cooperation to build academician workstation
       Government, enterprises and institutions to improve the quality of the overall program to provide a service platform
       Nondestructive testing technology and rapid detection equipment development service platform
       Big health and quality safety big data service platform

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